Çiğdem Dayıoğlugil

Style of Art : Artist / footwear and fashion accessories designer
Branch of Art : Concept design, footwear design, bag design, fashion accessories design
Art Profile :

Çiğdem Dayıoğlugil graduated from the Department of Industrial Design at Trakya University. She then attended the Footwear and Shoe-making program at Leicester College. Dayıoğlugil has worked for several different footwear and textile companies. In 2007, she launched her own brand Arife®. Besides being footwear and fashion accessories designer, Dayıoğlugil works as a stylist and fashion consultant. She has participated in many fairs and design weeks in Istanbul.

2016, Design Week Turkey, Connections
2014, Istanbul Design Week, Design Spirit Istanbul
2014, "Yaratıcılığın Adresi" exhibition
2014, Istanbul Design Week, Fresh Design
2013, Istanbul Design Week, Design Spirit Istanbul 
2005, International Footwear Fashion Fair
2005, International Shoe Sub-Industry Fair

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Foundation : Arife
Web Site : www.arife.com.tr
Email : info@arife.com.tr
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :