Cengiz Abazoğlu

Style of Art : Fashion designer
Branch of Art : Fashion design
Art Profile :

Cengiz Abazoğlu was born in 1969. He had an interest in fashion and garments in his childhood. He started his profession as a designer at a leather company in Brussels. Between 1987 and 1989, Abazoğlu launched his collection successfully and this drew a big attention. In 1988, he had his fashion show in the Istanbul Vision Show. After then, Abazoğlu founded his couture workshop in Istanbul and has created his collections. He has had his fashion shows not only in Istanbul but also Europe, especially in Paris. He donated part of incomes to charitable institutions. Since 2006, he has also prepared pre-a-porter and opened his first shop in Istanbul. Abazoğlu has created his collection for Paris Haute Couture Weeks since 2009.

Reference: cengizabazoglu.net, tatliaskim.com, kadinella.com

Web Site : www.cengizabazoglu.net
Email : info@cengizabazoglu.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0212. 219 28 23
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :