Bahar Korçan

Style of Art : Fashion designer
Branch of Art : Fashion Design
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Bahar Korçan had an interest in fashion when she was a middle school student. After finishing high school, she went to Paris to study fashion. However she received a good offer from Vitali Hakko and decided to return to Turkey. After working in Vakko for seven years, she began working at a business firm to gain a business experience. Korçan won in a stylistic competition, which was organized by İKTİB in 1992. She then founded her own design brand company, which was the first in Turkey, and participated in many fashion fairs and fashion shows in Turkey and abroad. In 1993, Korçan established a style office, which was also the first in Turkey. With the sponsor of Dusseldorf IGEDO, she participated in a fashion show in the category of New Fashion Generation and her collections, which were made of Turkish regional textiles with historical synthesis, drew big attention. Since then, her garments are launched in several boutiques in France. In 1999, Korçan was awarded “the Best Designer” in the Istanbul Fashion Days. She was also awarded “the Best Successful Woman” in the fashion category and was among in the “most successful 75 women in Turkey” in the organization “75 Women in the 75 Years”, which was held on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. In 2000, Korçan received “the Woman in the Years of 2000” award in the organization of “the Women in 2000”. In the same year, she was selected as the “Most Successful Woman in 1999”. Korçan received a prize of “Successful Woman” in an organization, which was held by the Rectorate of Marmara University on the 8 March, women’s day. Her collection is full of colors with hidden meanings, such as greens which symbolize hope and deep blacks that show pessimism in the world. Geometric accessories and frock coats are used for decoration transforming the garments into a fun and retro look. In addition to being a fashion designer, Korçan is an essayist: she wrote her essays in some books: “Deli Öyküleri” (Istanbul: Okuyanus publication house, 2002) and “Gelecek Öyküleri” (Istanbul: Okuyanus publication house, 2003). She is the first and only fashion stylist to be a member of the executive board of Turkish Clothing Manufacturers’ Association and is the chairman of the Fashion Design Association. As of today, Korçan continues to create her collections at her own boutique in Galata, Istanbul.


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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
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