Emel Vardar

Style of Art : Artist / sculptor and painter
Branch of Art : Sculpture and painting
Art Profile :

Emel Vardar graduated from the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at Mimar Sinan University. For a long period she painted sea scenes and one of her paintings was acquired by the Turkish Naval Forces Headquarters. She had a series of personal painting and sculpture exhibitions and participated in art fairs, contests and festivals. Vardar opened the Eylul Art Gallery in 1993.  Being artist who is dedicated completely to art, she has presented the artworks of important Turkish painters and sculptures, together with young artists’ works. In 2004, she opened the Emel Vardar Art Gallery to organize only sculpture exhibitions. Over the last few years, she has worked mainly on sculptures. She creates female figures and busts using various materials and techniques. Although her sculptures represent the beautiful and naive female figure, she actually wants to express its strength. Vardar won the award “Bronze sculptures Individual Disarmament and Peace”. She describes her sculptures as the solidification of her feelings and ideas in the enchanting magic of crystal and glass. Her crystal sculpture is in permanent exhibition at the Museum of Contemporaneous Glass Artworks. Her works are exhibited in private collections, Turkish newspapers and art journals.

Selected exhibitions:
2008, Art Expo New York by Pera Art Gallery, USA
2008, Interdit Museum by Svenska Konstgalleriet, Beijing
2008, Art Amsterdam in corporation with Van Gogh Museum, by Svenska  Konstgalleriet, Amsterdam
2008, Art Marbella in corporation with Picasso Museum, by Svenska Konstgalleriet, Malaga
2008, Oslo Art Fair by Svenska Konstgalleriet, USA
2009, Art Expo New York by Svenska Konstgalleriet, USA
2009, Museum of the Americas by Svenska Konstgalleriet, Florida
2009, Sofa Art fair by the Turkish Cultural Foundation, Chicago
2009, Interdit Museum by Svenska Konstgalleriet, Beijing
2010, Art Expo New York by Svenska Konstgalleriet, USA
2010, London Art Fair by Svenska Konstgalleriet, England
2010, Monaco Art Fair by Svenska Konstgalleriet ,Monaco
2010, Carrousel du Louvre Salon de la Culture et de L’art Sino-Europeen by Svenska, Konstgalleriet, Paris
2010, Interdit Museum by Svenska Konstgalleriet, Beijing


Web Site : www.emelvardar.com
Email : info@emelvardar.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0532. 336 17 54
Fax : 0212. 231 70 74
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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