Zeynep Günsür Yüceil

Style of Art : Dancer, choreographer
Branch of Art : Modern dance, choreograph
Art Profile :

Zeynep Günsür Yüceil was born in Istanbul in 1968. She started dancing in 1986 with Geyvan McMillen. She founded the Boğaziçi Modern Dance Club and choreographed many works until her graduation from Boğaziçi University. After finishing her BA in the Department of Sociology at Boğaziçi University, Günsür Yüceil started working as a research assistant in her alma mater. In 1991, she founded the Yeşil Üzümler Hareket Theater with her friends and created many projects. She has performed in several dance festivals in Turkey and abroad. Her creations have presented in films and dance film festivals. Between 1990 and 1991, she received a scholarship from the Turkish Ministry of Education and studied performing arts and culture at Delhi University in India. Between 1992 and 1995, she completed her master′s degree in the Department of Performing Arts at Middlesex University in London. She then continued doctoral program in the Department of History at Boğaziçi University. In 1996, Günsür Yüceil separated from the Yeşil Üzümler Hareket Theater group and started working as an individual dancer. Since 1996, she has choreographed numerous performances and participated in many festivals and performance days. Between 1998 and 1999, she carried on her research in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at New York University with the TÜBA Research Fellows. In 1999, Günsür Yüceil performed "Our-ient" with Aysim Türkmenat at New York University. In 2001, together with Ceysu Koçak and Ahmet Ortaçdağ, she founded the Bagaj Theater Group and performed "Pamuk Tarlalarının Yalnızlığında" in the Istanbul Roxy. Currently, Günsür Yüceil serves as a teacher in the Faculty of Art and Design at Yıldız Technical University. She is a board member of the DBM (Danse Bassin Mediterranée).

Reference: europist.net; hareketatolyesi.blogspot.com

City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :