İsmail Hakkı Aksu

Style of Art : Stage decorator
Branch of Art : Paintings, stage decoration for Opera, costumes
Art Profile :

İsmail Hakkı Aksu graduated from the Department of Decorative Painting in the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1975. After his military service, he started to work at the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet in 1978. As of today he continues to work at the same place.
He received the first prize for his stained glass work from Turkish Iş Bank in Ankara. He has decorated many stages for State Opera and Theatre and prepared their costumes. He has had many painting and photograph exhibitions. He has also participated in many competitions and received lots of awards. Aksu painted old Armenian houses and a church in Ordu Perşembe, where he was born, and took their photographs. He exhibited them in different exhibitions. Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism noticed his works and decided to renovate these houses and a church putting them under the protection. Aksu was asked to be an adviser for this project. As of today the church is used both as a museum and a concert hall.

Foundation : Istanbul State Opera and Ballet
Email :
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0212. 261 71 09 / 0536. 812 98 48
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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