Gülümser Erigül

Style of Art : Costume designer, theater decorator
Branch of Art : Costume design, theater decoration
Art Profile :

Gülümser Erigül was born in Ankara in 1950. She graduated from the Department of Stage and Costume Design at Mimar Sinan University in 1975. In the same year, she started working as a decorator at the Turkish State Theaters. Erigül has prepared stage decorations and costumes for over two hundred plays. Some of the plays she has served in are: “Bakkhalar”,  “Ferhat ile Şirin”, “III.Selim”, “İyi”,  “Danton’un ölümü”, ”Uyarca”, “Gözlerimi Kaparım Vazifemi Yaparım”, “Önce İnsan”, “Kurban”, “Kösem Sultan”, “Venedik Taciri (Shylock)”, “Genç Osman”, “Seagull” and “Wild Duck”. Erigül has specialized in historical plays, particularly the Ottoman period. As of today, she continues her work at the Ankara State Theater.

1973, Costume Design Andiçen Special Prize, First Prize for the play “Fatih”, Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts.
2000-2001, Costume Design of the Year for the role of “Shylock” in the “Venedik Taciri”, Ankara Art Institution.
2008-2009, Costume Design of the Year for the play “Genç Osman”, Ankara Art Institution

Foundation : Turkish State Theater, Ankara
Email : yeldagorgun@hotmail.com
City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0312. 436 67 31 / 0532. 797 95 09
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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