Ender Savaşkurt

Style of Art : Ballet dancer, choreographer, painter
Branch of Art : Ballet, Choreograph, paintings
Art Profile :

Ender Savaşkurt was born in Ankara in 1945. He studied at the department of Ballet in Ankara State Conservatory between 1960 and 1961. After finishing school, he began working as a ballet dancer at the Ankara State Opera and Ballet in 1968. At the same time he learned painting from the painter, Sırrı Erdem between 1957 and 1961. In 1968 - 1974 he worked with Dame Ninette De Valois, Richard Glostone, Alfred Rodriguez and Anton Dolin, and danced as a soloist or in a group on the stage such as world repertoires: “Swan Lake”, “the Sleeping Beauty”, “Pineapple Poll”, “Romeo & Juliette”, “Giselle”, “Sylvia Pas De Deux”, “Orpheus”, “Glazunov Suite”, “Judith”, “Pagodalar Prensi”, “La Fille Mal Gardee”, “The Nutcracker” and “The Burrow”. As well as world repertoires, he also danced as a soloist in the Turkish ballet repertoires such as “Çeşme başı” and “Çark”, whose choreographer was Sait Sökmen. Savaşkurt won the scholarship of Dame Ninnette De Valois (1969) and Turkish State Scholarship for experience and information (1970) and went to Royal Ballet School in London. In 1974 he joined in the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet. Working with A. Rodriguez, Tood Bolender, Pavilina Ivanova, Riccardo Duse and Nicholas Beriozoff, he performed as a soloist or top dancer until 1980 in the stage of “Coppelia”, “Raymonda”, “Petrushuca”, “Carmen”, “The Miraculous Mandarin”, “Memoirs”, “Gifts to Balanchine”, “Tristan et Isolde”, “Les Patineurs”, “Scheherazade”, “Giselle” and “Swan Lake”. In 1978 he was invited to the Bayreuth Wagner Festival in Germany to dance in Opera “Tannhauser” as a soloist. After 1978 he retired from ballet dancer and became a choreographer. He prepared opera stages such as: “Polaria”, “Midas’in Kulakları”, “Romeo & Juliette”, “La Traviate” and the musical “Fantastic”. In 1981, 1983, 1985 and 1987 he carried out choreography for the show of 2000 students of Kuleli Askeri High School on the occasion of the Young and Sport Festival on 19th May. He was awarded on this matter three times. He was a member of representative artist at the Commission of Art Technique (1975-1983), Deputy Manager on Ballet (1980) and an Assistant of Choreography for Ballet Soloist Dancer (1984-1986). As a painter, he has participated in many competitions and group exhibitions as well. His paintings can be seen in many private collections.

1987 the second prize (Tekel 1. Painting Competition)
1987 the mansion prize (III. Talens Painting Competition)

1990 Akbank Levent Art Gallery (Istanbul)
1991 Akbank Konak Art Gallery (Izmir)
1992 Akbank Bebek Art Gallery (Istanbul)
1992 Bandırma Municipality Art Gallery
1992 Akbank Bebek Art Gallery (Istanbul)
1993 Akbank Farabi Art Gallery (Ankara)
1998 The Synthesis of Turkish Republic in the 75th Anniversary, Ortaköy Cultural Center Art Gallery (Istanbul)
1999 MEB Art Gallery (Istanbul)
2001 Altanay Art Gallery (Ankara)
2001 K. Ereğli AKM Art Gallery
2001 Istanbul Marine Museum (Deniz Müzesi) Group Exhibition
2002 Istanbul Marine Museum (Deniz Müzesi) Group Exhibition
2003 Altanay Art Gallery (Ankara)
2007 Nelli Art Gallery (Istanbul)

Email : endersavaskurt26@hotmail.com
City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :