Beyhan Murphy

Style of Art : Dancer, choreographer
Branch of Art : Modern ballet, dance
Art Profile :

Beyhan Murphy started dancing ballet at the age of 8. She received dance education from Mrs. Fenmen and Sait Sökmen. After finishing TED Ankara College, she went to London and studied modern dance at London School of Contemporary Dance between 1975 and 1978. After graduating in 1978, she first choreographed a dance work for Jumpers Dance Company and then continued to choreograph dance works in England. Between 1979 and 1980 she worked as a dancer at Basic Space Dance Theater. In 1980, Murphy danced with Yul Brynner in the “King & I” at London Palladium Theatre. With the cooperation of the Art Council of England, she prepared dance works for English Dance Theatre and Ludus Dance Company. Beyhan Murphy also taught modern dance technique at dance centers such as the Pineapple Dance Centre and Dance Works. In 1992, Murphy went back to Turkey at the request of Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism to found a modern dance group in Turkey. As a part of the Ankara State Opera and Ballet, Murphy established the Modern Dance Turkey, which was organized for the first time in Turkey, where she endeavored as a general coordinator for 10 years. Some of the dance works she prepared were performed in foreign countries: Germany, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Israel, France, Holland, U.S.A and England. Murphy has choreographed many works for dance groups in Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul. She choreographed the satiric work “Rondo a la Turka” for MDT in 1994 and received an award of best choreography from Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This work was performed by the Portugal National Ballet. Murphy also prepared important works like “Post”, “Afife” and “┼×ehir Orman” for the Modern Dance Turkey. She choreographed “Güldestan” with Mercan Dede. Murphy also has written many articles about the situation of dance in Turkey and abroad, and has participated in many panels and symposiums as a speaker. Murphy currently works as a chief choreographer of the Istanbul State Opera and Ballet.


Foundation : Istanbul State Opera and Ballet
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :