Aysun Aslan

Style of Art : Choreographer, director
Branch of Art : Ballet, modern dance, choreography
Art Profile :

Aysun Aslan studied Classical ballet and the Cecchetti method at the Ankara State Conservatory in 1963-1974. In 1974 she graduated from the conservatory and joined the Ankara State Ballet. She continued her dance performance for Turkish Radio Television (TRT) in 1978-1985. Aslan joined the Istanbul State Ballet in 1979 and choreographed her first stage performance “The Variations” in 1980. She performed and choreographed at the Istanbul State Ballet till her retirement in 2007. Her last work for the Istanbul State Ballet was the Dance Drama "Agir Roman" (East Side Story).

Aslan was a pioneer to spread modern dance in Turkey. In 1989 she established Turkey’s first professional private dance company “Turkuaz Modern Dance Company.” During her long career, she has choreographed for numerous operas, dramas, musicals, concerts, films, TV series, fashion shows, advertisements, concerts, and multi dimensional shows. She also directed and produced some of them. Aslan also writes lyrics.

Since 2010, Aslan has been living in London and teaching modern dance to the young dancers. She has served as one of the artistic consultants at Women′s Platform in UK. She has also been the artistic consultant for Shining Ballet and Dance & Performance since 2012.

Reference: aysunaslan.com

Web Site : www.aysunaslan.com
City : London
Country : England
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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