Ahmet L├╝leci

Style of Art : Dancer, choreographer and dance teacher
Branch of Art : Anatolian folk dance
Art Profile :

Ahmet Lüleci was born in Turkey. He has been performing Turkish folk dance and music since the age of eight. When he was 15, Lüleci became a dance instructor. He taught many ensembles in Ankara, Istanbul, Eskisehir, and Bursa. He has danced with numerous school ensembles and private dance associations, many of which won outstanding awards in city-wide and national competitions. He also served as a director of dances for Hoytur, long considered Turkey′s leading dance association. Between 1973 and 2010, Lüleci participated in international dance festivals & competitions throughout Europe and North America. In addition, he and his ensembles have appeared in more than 60 programs broadcast nationally in countries such as Turkey, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, and Germany.

In 1985, his research “The Culture in Southern Anatolia” received first place at the national competition, which was held by the Turkish ministry of Youth, Sports, and Education. Since 1985, Lüleci has been promoting the Turkish folklore dance in the U.S. and Canada, Asia, Europe and South America. In 1988, he served as a director in the Kemençe Dance Ensemble in Boston. In 1991, he joined the artistic staff of Aman as a resident choreographer. Lüleci studied music at his college. In 1997, he completed his second degree in Fine Arts, focusing on Graphic Design. In 2001, he founded the College International Dance Ensemble and served as the Artistic Director.

Lüleci has taught major folk dance camps and workshops in the U.S. as well as Canada, Japan, Holland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, England, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Norway, Italy, Australia, and Germany. He is also co-founder and co-director of the annual World Music and Dance Camp at Cape Cod., Massachusetts. He has set various suites of dances for the stage working with dance organizations around the world. Some of the notable performing ensembles with whom he has worked include Aman of Los Angeles, BYU dancers of Provo, Budlet of Hong Kong, Les Sortileges of Montreal, and Vinok of Edmonton. In Turkey, he has choreographed for Hoytur, Turhoy and Gehem of Ankara, Anadolu University of Eskisehir, Butfod of Bursa, and Folktur of Istanbul.

He received the 2002 Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts & Humanities by the Assembly of Turkish American Associations. His choreography was awarded the gold medal at the Hong Kong Open dance competition in 2004 (performed by Budlet Dance Company) as well as the first prize at the ethnic dance competition in Germany in 2005 (performed by Elvan Dance Company). In the US, his choreographic awards include Crash Arts′, Dance Straight Up  2004 & 2006, Dance Renewal Project, Crossing  2005, Crash Arts′, Tens the Limit 2005, and Dance Umbrella Boston Moves 2001. He can play baglama and davul. Currently, Lüleci continues to work in Boston.

Reference: luleci.com, phantomranch.net


Foundation : Collage Dance Ensemble
Web Site : www.luleci.com, www.collageusa.org
Email : ahmet@rcn.com
City : Newton Centre, MA
Country : U.S.A.
Phone : 001 617 795 24 68
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :