Recep G├╝rgen

Style of Art : Conservation / clock repairman
Branch of Art : Clock master, clock repair
Art Profile :

Recep Gürgen is a master of clock-repair and has been worked on over 30.000 clocks during the past 40 years. He started his career when he was 12 years old working beside his uncle. When he was 18 years old, he met the famous clockmaker, Wolfgang Mayer and worked with him until 1975. After Mayer retired, Recep Gürgen opened his own workshop. He repaired many clocks in the National palaces, mostly in the Dolmabahçe Palace, and in several museums. He says that he has looked for a clock which is impossible to repair, but has not yet found it.

Web Site :
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0212. 244 09 82 / 0533. 551 79 46
Fax : 0212. 245 70 03
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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