Mustafa Burak

Style of Art : Conservation / carpet and kilim repairman
Branch of Art : Carpet repair
Art Profile :

Mustafa Burak was born in Konya in 1964. He started working beside the owner of Istanbul Sark Carpet Company, Josef Türker, when he was 15 years old. He learned how to repair carpets and kilims, and later became a master craftsman. He has served as an operating manager at the National Palace, Hereke Carpet factory within the TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly). Mustafa Burak is proud that he was able to make three copies of the silk carpets, which are now placed at the Atatürk Köşk (Villa).


Foundation : TBMM Milli Saraylar Hereke Halı Fabrikası
Email :
City : Hereke
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0262. 511 25 40 -8/ 0505. 274 22 08
Fax : 0262. 511 24 58
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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