Prof. Beril Anılanmert

Style of Art : Artist / ceramist
Branch of Art : Ceramics
Comment : A member of the International Academy of Ceramics, a board member of the Turkish Ceramic Association and the National Committee of Arts Turkey (AIAP-UNESCO).
Art Profile :

Prof. Beril Anılanmert was born in Izmir in 1942. She finished her MA at the State Academy of Fine Arts, Mimar Sinan University in 1968. She completed her doctorate at the same University in 1974. In 1982-1984, she worked as the assistant dean at the Faculty of Fine Art, Mimar Sinan University. In 1985-1987, she undertook the position of the Vice President of Institute for Social Sciences. In 1999-2003, she was appointed to the position of the Vice Rector, Mimar Sinan University. In 1994-2006, Prof. Anılanmert was the Chair of Ceramics Department, Mimar Sinan University.

As a contemporary ceramic artist, Prof. Beril Anılanmert is known for restructuring forms and redefining them for a new expression while utilizing multiple techniques. These expressions present themselves in sculptural large scale work as well as 2 dimensional ceramic paintings. Her distinct works were displayed in many exhibitions, symposiums and workshops not only in Turkey but also in abroad: France, Italy, Canada, US, Germany, Spain, Japan and many other countries. Her ceramic sculptures have been acquired for permanent collections of museums worldwide, including the US and in private collections.

1988 - "Movement", Garanti Art Gallery, Istanbul, Vakko Art Gallery, Ankara. 
1991 - "Transformation", Soyak Art Gallery, Istanbul.
1992 - "Transformation", Halk Bank Art Gallery, Ankara.
1998 - “Summer Notes”, Women’s Studies Center, Istanbul.
2002 - "Metal and Brick Sculpture" at Ceramic Park, Eskisehir (h:240 cm).
2003 - "Code 5205", Akbank Cultural Art Center, Istanbul.
2004 - "Portraits", Kiziltoprak Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2006 - "Selected Items", Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ankara. 

1998 - “Ceramica Artistica Internazionale”, Gallery, Sargedelos, Milan, Italy; “Contemporary Turkish Art”, MSU, Istanbul.
1999 - “Contemporary Turkish Art”, Paris, France; "Garden of Delight"; Open Air Sculpture, Zuidbuurt, Holland.
2000 - “Contemporary Turkish Art”, Orlando, Florida, USA; "Cup", Gallery Suku, Seoul, Korea; Loveed Fine Arts – Janos Gat Gallery, New York City, NY, USA.
2002 - "Between the Waterfronts", Gallery Maas, Rotterdam, Holland; International Academy of Ceramics(IAC) Members′ Exhibit, Athens, Greece; "Personal Traces", Ataturk Cultural Center, Istanbul.
2003 - "Interaction", Gallery Fleur, Seika University, Kyoto & Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, Japan; "Black/White", Tophane Cultural Center, Istanbul; "Art Triangle", Turkish Islamic Arts Museum, Istanbul.
2004 - International Academy of Ceramics(IAC) Members′ Exhibit, Seoul, Korea.
2005 - "The Divided", Kiziltoprak Art Gallery, Istanbul; "Habitat", Art Fair, Istanbul.
2006 - "Selected Items", Transparan Art Gallery, Ankara; Art Festival, Middle Eastern Technical University, (METU), Ankara.

1975 - Two first prizes - Art Competition for General Directorate Building of Is Bank, Ankara.
1990 - First Prize - Ceramics Competition organized by Ministry of Culture, Ankara.
1991 - Grand Prize – Is Bank, Ankara.

1974 - “Islamic Ceramic Art, 9th - 12th Centuries”, thesis.
1976 - “Ceramic Raw Materials”, thesis “Tile Manufacturing Methods in Industry”, eight months research carried out in Ina Seito Co. and Nagoya Research Institute.
1977 - "Pottery Methods in Villages in the Western Anatolia", 4 month Research, Turkey.
1989 - “The Method of Making Iznik Enameled Wall Tiles", Translation, for the book of “Iznik" by Raby & Atasoy, Istanbul.
1993 - "Ceramics", Author and Editor, Encyclopedia of Arts, Istanbul; “Importance of History on Contemporary Arts”, International Ceramics Symposium, Syracuse, NY, USA.
1994 - “Role of Art in The Development of a Country”, Paper, 5th International Symposium on Arts, Hacettepe University, Ankara; Jury Member, Second International Cairo Ceramics Biennial, Egypt; "East and West Influences in Ceramic Art”, Paper, Second International Cairo Ceramics Biennial, Egypt.
1996 - “About my art”, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA; “Art, Artist and Environment”, Article, Arizona, USA; “Design Problems in Tile Manufacture”, Panel Discussion, Anadolu University, Eskisehir;  “Thousand Faces of Ceramics”, Essay, Art and Decor Magazine, Istanbul; “Competitions in Art”, Panel discussion, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul.
2003 - "Urban Ceramics", Lecture, Bahcesehir University Architecture Department, Istanbul; "From Transformation to Displacement - Presentation of Personal Works", Presentation as an invited artist, International Ceramic Congress, Oslo, Norway.
2004 - "Creativity and Transformation", Publication of Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul; "Urban Ceramics", Ceramic Magazine of Turkish Ceramic Federation, 2004/Issue 6.

1970, "Contemporary French Art", Istanbul.
1983, "Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics", Anatolian Civilizations, Istanbul.
1994, “Modern Tulip Vases”, Haarlem, Holland /with Gallery Westeinde.
1992 - "By the World Language of Ceramist", International Academy of Ceramics (IAC) Members′ Exhibit, Istanbul; "Exhibition of Modern Turkish Ceramics", Istanbul; "36th Assembly of International Academy of Ceramics", Istanbul.
1995, “Coffee Ceramics”, Istanbul /with Gallery Westeinde, Holland.
1999, "Interaction", International Ceramic Symposium, Istanbul.
2003, "European Ceramics Society (ECERS)", International Ceramic Congress, Istanbul.

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Country : Turkey
Phone : 0532. 431 65 00
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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