Fatma Nur Bayraktar

Style of Art : Artist / jewelry designer
Branch of Art : Jewelry design
Art Profile :

Fatma Nur Bayraktar was born in 1980. She graduated from the Department of Jeweler and Jewelry Design at Gazi University in 2001. She then completed her Master’s degree in the College of Jewelry Technology and Design at Mersin University in 2005. She chose "metal clay" as the subject of her thesis. Since then she has been presenting seminars on this subject. During her education, she worked under renowned teachers in the jewelry sector such as Mehmet Kabaş and Hasan Kale. Bayraktar also studied the craft of enameling from Mary Chuduk at the Glass Furnace Foundation. In addition, Bayraktar has studied pottery and glass bead making from many master craftsmen and artists. Until today she has exhibited her work in numerous national and international exhibitions, among which 2 exhibitions were her individual, and 7 of them are in collaboration with other designers. Bayraktar currently continues to teach at the Istanbul Design Center, several universities and various ateliers in Istanbul. She also organizes workshops and exhibitions, works on her own collections, and studies photography and videography at Anadolu University.

Her selected exhibitions:
2014, "Hendesen 2," Istanbul Design Centre, Istanbul
2013, "Hendesen / Islam Sanatında Geometrik Desenler,"  Istanbul Design Centre, Istanbul (International Exhibition / Curator)
2013, "İstanbul ve Çiçekleri," Istanbul Design Centre, Istanbul (Curator)
2012, "Yolu İlk İz′den Geçenler,"  Bayazhan City Museum, Gaziantep (Curator)
2011, "Takılası Aşklar," Arkeopera Art Gallery, İstanbul (Curator)
2011, "Cumhuriyet′in 88. Yılı,"  Şehremaneti Art Gallery, Istanbul (Curator)
2010, "Sevgilim," Caddebostan Culture Center, Istanbul
2010, "İ.S.T. / İstanbul′u Seven Takılar,"  Şirket-i Hayriye Art Gallery, Istanbul (Curator)
2009, "Yeni İzler," Italian Culture Center, Izmir (solo exhibition)
2008, "54 Women, 54 Works," Cekirdek Art Gallery, Istanbul
2008, "İlk İz," Arkeopera Art Gallery, Istanbul (solo exhibition)

Web Site : www.fnbayraktar.com
Email : fnbayraktar@gmail.com
City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0216. 473 25 81 / 0532. 693 49 15
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :