Aslı Kutluay

Style of Art : Artist / interior and industrial designer, painter
Branch of Art : Interior and industrial design, painting
Art Profile :

Aslı Kutluay began her career in design and arts when she won a silver medal in Shankar’s International Painting Competition in India in 1980. In her high school years, she had an interest in geometry and painting classes. Kutluay graduated from the Department of Industrial Design at Middle East Technical University in 1992. She pursued her Master’s degree in the Department of Graphical Design at Bilkent University. Kutluay earned a reward in the “Pari Emballage” in Paris with her “Minimal Packages for Cyber Shopping” project upon receiving her master’s degree in 1994.

Kutluay founded ASK Design Office in 1996 and has taken part in many interior and industrial design projects including vehicle, dressing and furniture. In addition, she has created various other objects with her artistic identity. Kutluay currently continues her work and serves as designer and art director in the RC ART Gallery Bilkent Center Art Street in Ankara.

Selected Exhibitions:
2012, "Bir / One", Armaggan Art & Design Gallery, Istanbul
2012, "Sanat Art 7/24", Armaggan Gallery, Istanbul
2011, "Tongue of Paintings", Galerii na schodoch, Department of Cultural Science / Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia
2011, "Vengo Dall Anatolia", Rome Turkish Culture and Information Affairs, Rome
2011, "Passion", London Affordable Art Fair, Arteria Gallery (Canada), London
2011, "Equilibri Armonici", Art & Design Exhibition, Florence
2011, "Je viens d′Anatolie...", European Council Art Club, Strasbourg
2011, "Tension", Arteria Gallery (Canada), Art Hamptons, USA
2011, "Passion", Arteria Gallery (Canada), "New York Affordable Art Fair, New York
2011, "Microcosm", Gallery Artist LAB, Ankara
2011, "Passion 2", Arteria Gallery (Canada), Art Toronto, USA
2011, Turkish-Italian Project Contemporary Artists′ Modern Expression Project Group, Lecce
2010, Studio Exhibition (online)
2010, "I Come from Anatolia", Belgium Residence, Ankara
2010, "Artistania" (solo exhibition), Artem Gallery Bratislava, Slovakia
2010, "Music of a Painting, Dance of a Sculpture", Arteria Gallery (Canada), Contemporary Istanbul
2010, Konya Çavuş Sonsuz Şükran Village Art Camp
2010, "Things Drawn on Water", Installations, Princes Islands International Art Festival, Istanbul
2009, "Dancing Iron Ladies", Nişantaşı Art Park, Istanbul
2009, Studio Exhibition (online)
2009, "Alchemy of Dance", RC Art Gallery (online)
2008, “Design Works”, Ankara Bilkent Center Art Street RC ART Gallery
2008, Design Turkey Istanbul Antrepo, “Best in Design” Exhibition
2008, Haluk Evitan - Aslı Kutluay Painting & Sculpture Exhibition, RC ART Gallery Contemporary Art Istanbul
2008, “Design Works”, Istanbul Galata Tower Design Week ETMK Stand
2008, “Hang statues”, Ankara Fashion Week Ankara Sheraton Hotel
2008, “Hang statues”, CNR Istanbul Fashion Week
2008, “Galata Voyage”, Artplus Gallery Ankara
2008, “Gestures & Postures” Collection, Design Plaza in Ankara
2008, "Contemporary Istanbul", RC Art Gallery (online)
2007, “Design Works”, Istanbul Design Week 


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City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0532. 456 70 31
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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