Arman Suciyan

Style of Art : Artist / jewelry designer
Branch of Art : Jewelry Design
Art Profile :

Arman Suciyan was born in 1972 and grew up in Istanbul. He began his career as a goldsmith apprentice at a workshop in the Grand Bazaar when he was fifteen years old. In 1988, he was accepted to work alongside Misak Toros, who represented the fourth generation of a Turkish Armenian family, with a longstanding heritage of fine jewelry design and production. To make fine jewelry, Suciyan learned traditional skills from him.

In 1994, Suciyan studied at Kent Institute of Art & Design and worked for British Jeweler Stephen Webster. After graduating, he joined Webster′s craftsmen team and worked as a fulltime goldsmith and wax modeler for 10 years. Since 2004, Suciyan has been elaborating his own designs. After spending a few years in Milan, he returned to Istanbul in 2008 to fully dedicate himself to his craft. Suciyan has received many awards from the Goldsmiths Craft Council as well as prestigious DeBeers Jewelry Design Award. Suciyan currently lives and works in Istanbul.



Foundation : AKAAS
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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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