Ali Rıza Erköylü

Style of Art : Artist / painter, ceramist
Branch of Art : Painting, ceramics
Art Profile :

Ali Rıza Erköylü was born in Demirci, Manisa in 1972. He completed his education in Manisa. Since 1996, he has been decorating ceramics in Kütahya. Erköylü has painted old Istanbul gravures, portraits and natural views with underglazes on ceramics. He usually produces ceramic panels, which sizes are up to 30 m². His ceramic panels can be seen in many airports, local council buildings, harbors and hospitals in Istanbul. Erköylü continues his work with his wife in Kütahya.

Foundation : Arda Sanat Evi
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City : Kütahya
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0533. 607 22 05
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
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