Ali Özcan

Style of Art : Artist / jewelry designer
Branch of Art : Jewelry designer
Art Profile :

Ali Özcan was born in Bodrum in 1952 and graduated from the Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science of Ankara University. He taught at Bodrum High School for 9 years. Since 1982 Özcan has made accessories and gift goods with the materials such as silver, coral, horn, born and semiprecious stones with Haluk Anat (1942-2001). After Haluk Anat passed away, Özcan continued his works with Lale Anat and Koray Kiremit at the famous Çerçim workshop. Özcan designs very unique accessories and makes them into art works. He and his colleagues have been awarded many times by Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. They exhibit and sell their works at the small shop “Çerçim” in the port square in Bordum.

Foundation : Çerçim Ltd. Şti.
City : Bodrum
Country : Turkey
Phone : 0252. 313 03 93/ 0533. 553 49 23
Fax : 0252. 313 03 93
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :