Adil Onur

Style of Art : Artist / Jewelry designer
Branch of Art : Jeweler
Comment : Jewelry design and production, blacksmith, wood carver
Art Profile :

Adil Onur was born in Kağızkan, Kars in 1960. The artist completed his high school education in Manisa in 1982. After his graduation, he started working as a blacksmith and a wood carver. In this period, he was interested in more refined works and started making jewelry. Onur worked for a company named AURUM. After a while, he achieved great success in jewelry design and became a master. Onur currently develops his work as a jeweler as well as a designer at his own workshop.

Country : Turkey
Phone : 0535. 306 33 78 / 0236. 234 72 32
Preferred Lang. : Turkish
Images :