Ali Mahmut Demirel

Style of Art : Artist / video artist, visual lightning artist
Branch of Art : video art, live show, visual lightning
Art Profile :

Ali Mahmut Demirel was born in Turkey in 1972. He studied Nuclear Engineering and Architecture at Middle East Technical University. In 1993, he began making experimental videos, focusing on minimal images and structural compositions with a conceptual base. In collaboration with Richie Hawtin, Demirel decided to design and perform live shows. Combining his background in physics and architecture, he has established a unique visual style in electronic music performing at festivals around the world.

Selected Works:
2007, Meta-Control / live visual set, produced with Burak Arikan, performed with Richie Hawtin
2005, We (All) Search / music video for Richie Hawtin, Digital Betacam, 03:38, with footage from the movie "Stalker" by Andrei Tarkovsky
2003, Disconnect / music video for Plastikman, Digital Betacam, 03:11, Mute Records
2002, $100 / music video for Captain Comatose, DV, 05:18, Playhouse
2002, Niye Bu Böyle Oldu? / experimental video, DV, 10:11
2001, Psyk / music video for Plastikman, DV, 07:00, Mute Records
2001, W... / experimental video, DV, 06:30
2000, Hortum / experimental video, DV, 04:20


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City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English / German
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