Prof. Dr. Muhibbe Darga

Style of Art : Academic / archaeologist
Branch of Art : Archaeology, Hittitology
Art Profile :

Prof. Muhibbe Darga was born in Istanbul in 1921. After she finished Erenköy High School for Girls, she entered the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Letters in Istanbul University. She worked as an assistant of Prof. H. Th. Bossert for two years after graduation. In 1947 she completed her doctorate. After doing research on Archeology in Germany and France, Darga decided to concentrate on philology and then attained her professorship.

Between 1950 and 1959, she taught history, art history and French language at several high schools in Anatolia. She began work as an assistant at Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters in 1960. She became an associate professor in 1965, a tenured professor in 1973. Prof. Darga had taught the class of Hittitology: Hittite Art and Hittite Language. In 1983-1985 she was the chair of the Department of Ancient Language and Culture in Istanbul University.

Prof. Darga participated in the excavation projects in: Karatepe, Gedikli, and Değirmentepe. In 1978-1979 she started to preside over the Şemsiyetepe historical site in the southeast of Turkey, which is now under water after a regional dam construction. After a decade of excavation efforts in Şemsiyetepe, just near the river Euphrates, she commenced the excavation of  Dorylaion, a Phrygian-Hittite settlement located in Eskişehir, Central Anatolia.

She has given many lectures in Turkey and abroad and has published numerous books and articles. In her book: Woman in Anatolia, she indicated the status of women in this land and in her Hittite Art where she drew the attention of not only intellectuals but also of the general public. Presently Prof. Darga is the president of the Dorylaion excavations and as well as an honorary member of the Turkish Antiquities’ Sciences Institute and a reporting member of the German Archeological Institute.



City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English / French / German
Images :