Prof. Dr. Jale Nejdet Erzen

Style of Art : Academic / art historian, painter, critic
Branch of Art : History of Architecture, painting
Art Profile :

Prof. Dr. Adile Jale Necdet Erzen was born in Ankara in 1943. She graduated from the Painting Department at Los Angeles Art Center College of Design in 1974. In 1980 she completed her doctoral degree in the Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University in 1980. Since 1973 she has been a faculty member at Middle East Technical University. In 1986 Prof. Erzen worked as a visiting scholar with a Fulbright scholarship in the US.

Prof. Dr. Erzen has published many books on Ottoman architecture, painting and aesthetics, including "Mimar Sinan Dönemi Cami Cepheleri," "Mimar Sinan ve Külliyeleri," "Mimar Sinan: Estetik bir Analiz," "Sabri Berkel," "Mehmet Aksoy," and "Erol Akyava┼č." She worked for Boyut Plastic Arts magazine in 1981-1984. She has also written various articles in many national and international journals. Since 1973, Prof. Erzen has exhibited her paintings in Turkey and the US. Her works can be seen in many public and private collections in Turkey and abroad. She received an order of chivalry from the French Ministry of Culture in 1990 and the Best Critic Award in the Istanbul Art Fair in 2000. Prof Erzen is vice president of the International Association for Aesthetics, long-time president of the Turkish Association of Aesthetics and SAN ART.


Foundation : Middle East Technical University / Izmir University
City : Ankara
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
Images :