Dr. Evangelia Balta

Style of Art : Academic / historian
Branch of Art : Karamanlidika Studies, Ottoman History of Greek lands
Art Profile :

Dr. Evangelia Balta was born in Kavala in 1955. She studied in the History Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1973-1977) and, thanks to a scholarship from the Alexandros S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, went on to study at the Sorbonne (Paris I-Sorbonne) and the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes IV Section in Paris (1980-1983). She received her doctorate in Ottoman History in 1983. She worked in the Historical Archive of Macedonia (Thessaloniki, 1979), at the Centre for Asia Minor Studies (1978, 1984-1987) and taught at the Ionian University during the first two years after its foundation (Corfu, 1985-1987). Since 1987 she has worked at the National Hellenic Foundation for Scientific Research.

Her interests revolve around subjects related to economic and social history during the Ottoman period, as well as the Greek culture of Asia Minor. In addition to her commitment to various programs at the National Hellenic Foundation for Scientific Research, she has also served as a scholarly advisor for the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparta, the Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production in Lesvos, and the Museums of Wine at the Ktima Hatzimihalis and the Ktima Gerovassiliou (Epanomi). She was academic supervisor for the restoration of the Kayakapi neighborhood (Project Kayakapi) in Ürgüp, Turkey (2003-2008). She has been invited to teach seminars for groups of graduate students by universities in Greece and abroad. She is a founding member of the planning committee of ΟΙΝΟΝ ΙΣΤΟΡ? (History of Wine), a scholarly group which has organized seven conferences on subjects related to wine and wine production (2000-2008). In 2008 and 2010 she organized two International Conferences on Karamanlidika Studies.

In April 2010, Dr. Balta was awarded a grant by the Turkish Cultural Foundation in support of the research project, which was initiated in 2009. It seeks to identify and publish Ottoman archival materials on Karamanlica / Karamanlidika publications, including books, magazines, newspapers and other printed matter, which were published in Turkish written in the Greek alphabet during the period between the early 1800s and the beginning of the 20th century. Since 2012 the Turkish Cultural Foundation has financed a course on Ottoman language and Paleography, a seminar organized by the Program of Ottoman Studies of National Hellenic Foundation for Scientific Research.

Publications (only books):
1. Karamanlidika. Bibliographie analytique d’ouvrages en langue turque en caractères grecs. Additions (1584-1900). Athènes: Centre d’Etudes d’Asie Mineure, 1987.
2. Karamanlidika. Bibliographie analytique d’ouvrages en langue turque en caractères grecs. XXe siècle. Athènes: Centre d’Etudes d’Asie Mineure, 1987.
3. L’Eubée à la fin du XVe siècle. Économie et Population. Les registres de l’année 1474. Athènes: Archive of Euboean Studies, 1989.
4. Η Καππαδοκ?α των ζ?ντων μνημε?ων. Η ανακ?λυψη “της πρ?της πατρ?δος της ελληνικ?ς φυλ?ς” (19ος αι.) (co-author with Ilias Anagnostakis), Athens: Poreia, 1990.
5. La découverte de la Cappadoce au 19e siècle (co-author with Ilias Anagnostakis). Istanbul: Eren, 1994.
6. Les vakifs de Serrès et de sa région (XVe et XVIe s.). Un premier inventaire. Athènes: Fondation Nationale pour la Recherche Scientifique, 1995.
7. Karamanlidika. Nouvelles additions et compléments I. Athènes: Centre d’Etudes d’Asie Mineure, 1997.
8. Problèmes et approches de l’histoire ottomane. Un itinéraire scientifique de Kayseri à Egriboz. Istanbul: Isis, 1997.
9. Peuple et production. Pour une interprétation des sources ottomanes. Istanbul: The Isis Press, 1999.
10. Greek Orthodox communities of Cappadocia. The district of Prokopi (Ürgüp). Sources in the General State Archives of Greece and the Centre for Asia Minor Studies. (co-author with Matoula Kouroupou). Athens: Centre for Asia Minor Studies, 2001 [in Greek].
11. Ottoman Studies and Archives in Greece, Analecta Isisiana LXX.  Istanbul: The Isis Press, 2003.
12. Το οθωμανικ? κτηματολ?γιο του Ρεθ?μνου Tapu Tahir 822. (co-author Mustafa Oğuz), Rethymno: National Hellenic Research Foundation - Historical and Ethnographical Association of Rethymno, 2007. [in Turkish and in Greek].
13. Η οθωμανικ? απογραφ? των Κυθ?ρων, 1715. Athens: National Hellenic Research Foundation, 2009.
14. Livâ-i Resmo : Tahrir Defteri (co-author Mustafa Oğuz). Ankara: Türk Tarih Kurumu, 2009.
15. Beyond the Language Frontier : Studies on the Karamanlis and Karamanlidika Printing. Istanbul: Isis Press, 2010.

Books as an editor:
1a. Sinasos. Eikones kai afigiseis. Athens: Centre for Asia Minor Studies, 2004 // 1b. Sinasos. Mübadeleden Önce Bir Kapadokya Kasabası. İstanbul: Birzamanlar Yayıncılık, 2007 //  1c. Sinasos. Images and Narratives. İstanbul: Birzamanlar Yayıncılık, 2009.
2a. Ürgüp - Prokopi. Photographs from the Archive of the Centre for Asia Minor Studies. Athens: Centre for Asia Minor Studies, 2004. // 2b. Ürgüp - Prokopi. Küçük Asya Araştırmaları Merkezi Arşivi′nden Fotoğraflar. İstanbul: Birzamanlar Yayıncılık, 2010.
3. Cries and Whispers in Karamanlidika Books, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Karamanlidika Studies (Nicosia, 11th–13th September 2008). Edited by Evangelia Balta and Matthias Kappler. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2010.
4. Yücel Dağlı Anısına. “geldi Yücel, gitti Yücel, bir nefes gibi...” Edited by Evangelia Balta, Yorgos Dedes, Emin Nedret İşli, and M.Sabri Koz. İstanbul: Turkuaz Yayınları, 2011.
5. Between Religion and Language: Turkish-Speaking Christians, Jews and Greek-Speaking Muslims and Catholics in the Ottoman Empire. Edited by Evangelia Balta, Mehmet Ölmez. Istanbul: Eren, 2011.
6. Reliques d’un Empire Ottoman. Eugène Dalleggio à la recherche de publications karamanlies.Textes recueillis, commentés et édités par Evangelia Balta. Istanbul: Les éditions Isis, 2011.
7. Histories of Ottoman Larnaca. Edited by Evangelia Balta, Theoharis Stavrides, and Ioannis Theocharides. Istanbul: The Isis Press, 2012.

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