Prof. Dr. Afife Batur

Style of Art : Academic / art historian
Branch of Art : Ottoman architecture, Turkish architecture in the Republican Period
Art Profile :

Prof. Dr. Afife Batur graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University in 1959. In the following year, she began working as a research assistant at her alma mater. After studying restoration at Polytecnicco di Torino in Italy from 1964 to 1965, she received her doctoral degree in 1974. She became an associate professor in 1980 and a full professor in 1988. She specialized in conservation, restoration and research of historical areas in Istanbul, Ottoman and late Ottoman architecture and culture, and modern Turkish architecture. From 1998 to 2000, Prof. Dr. Batur served as a director in the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Architects. She has participated in many national and international congresses, conferences, and seminars. Prof. Batur has published many articles in various national and international journals and proceedings. In 2000, she received a National Architecture Award.

Selected publications:
Osmanlı camilerinde kemer. Istanbul: Istanbul Technical University, 1974.
"Taşkışla için küçük bir tarih." In D. Kuban′a Armağan. Istanbul: Eren Publications, 1996. pp. 117-124.
Dünya Kenti İstanbul Sergisi / Istanbul World City Exhibition. Istanbul: Tarih Vakfı ve Yapı ve Kredi Bankası yayınlar, 1997.
Bir Mimar, Bir Yorum: Alexandre Raymond. (exhibition catalogue) Istanbul: Yapı Kredi Culture and Art Publications, 1999.
Bir Usta Bir Dünya, Mimar Vedat Tek: Master and his World, The Architect Vedat tek. Istanbul: Yapı Kredi Culture and Art Publications, 1999.
M. Vedad Tek: Kimliğinin İzinde Bir Mimar. Istanbul: Yapı Kredi Culture and Art Publications, 2003.
A concise history: architecture in Turkey during the 20th century. Istanbul: Chamber of Architects of Turkey, 2005.



Foundation : Istanbul Technical University
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City : Istanbul
Country : Turkey
Preferred Lang. : Turkish / English
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