Examples of Mani’s


Double moles on my face
Admired those who seen them
Don’t know haw to give up
Who fell in love with you

Tinfoil of the mug
Girls dance halay
Tell me in God’s name
Is there an easy love?

Ornamented veiled bride
Silver handed bride
It is obvious by your eyes
That you are fallen in love

Lightning has strike us
Broken us like a branch
Enemy between us
Mountains separated us

Far away day broken
My eye looking at dark and white
Everybody’s lover has come
Mine is far away

I cultivated plains
Became thorn to the eyes
So I am about to go
Let be yours Ayaş

At the soil and stone
Having mould at her eyebrow
You are in the spring
But I am in the winter of my life

Heavenly crop across
I have lost whatever I own
Whoever asks, asks my face
Don’t ask in my heart

I drank to repletion
Which direction water flows
I haven’t seen you face ones
I don’t know which way to go

Didn’t you become black hen?
Didn’t you perch to the branches?
My chimpanzee face mother in law
Haven’t you become bride ones?

Folk Music Sing at Night Next Before the Wedding Day, When the Hands of the Bride Freshly Tinged with Henna

They lowered down the ladder
Put it on the sultanate
My daughter they sent you to the anxiety
She cries again and again

Under the ladder is well
Swam far away
Girl this is your mothers old habit
Cries again and again

One, having places at the fire
Having place at Mencilis
Having hand at dining table
Cries and again cries

Gone by jumping over the threshold
Left hes spoon at dining table
Lover of her mother
Cries again and again

Bride came to our home
Festival arranged at our village
Welcome bride in red ornament
You brought enjoyment, decorated bride

If you, my bride, behave well
We praise you
If you become a bed person
We be angry with you

If you may bride, behave well
Here is the kitchenware
If you become, my bride, bed person
Here is axe and large axe

Daughter let your henna be happy
Let your talk be sweet
Call her mother come here
Let her see her daughter become bride

Did your father go to market
Did he buy red and green
Did he say this is for my daughter
Come on my daughter let it be happy

Let your speak here be sweet
Under the ladder is well
I bought the water
Girl this is your mother’s old habit

Let daughter your henna be happy
Let your speak her be sweet
Call her mother come here
See her daughter become bride

Where is this girl’s mother
Candles be lighten before her
Call her mother here
Let her see her daughter become bride

God made her wishes come true to day
One who make her mother without daughter
One who make their home uninhabited
One who make their pitcher without water

Call her mother come here
Let her see her daughter become bride
God blessed her today
They brought her from the ladder

Put her on the sultanate
Sent her to the anxiety
Let my daughter be your henna be happy
Let your talk here be sweet

Call her mother come here
Let her see her daughter become bride
God blessed her today
Gone by jumping over the threshold

Left hes spoon at dining table
Does girl consult her mother?
Come on girl let your henna night be happy
Both there and here your talk be sweet

I cultivated lentils did they grown up
Did they go to Ankara?
Stop and look her mother
Did she forget her daughter?

Come on girl let your wedding day henna be happy
Come on girl let your wedding day henna be happy
Either there or here let her soul be happy

Drummer Folk Songs

After 15th of Ramadan the drummers’ pic tips, while they get tips they sing these folk songs.

Rope of my drum is made of cotton
I have no shirt to wear
Please patrons give my tips
Let me buy my back a shirt

Why do you sleep why do you sleep?
What you find from this sleep
Take your ritual ablution
You can find heaven

Battlers, battlers
Sleepy in front of the fireplace
When hearing the sound of my drum
Start picking up the stones of the rice

New mosque needs pillar
It takes strong heart to say it
I am not hungry but
My friend wants pastry

Examples of Rigmarole


Take that takatuka and bring to takatuka maker. If the takatuka maker can not make the takatuka being made takatuka bring back the takataka being made takatuka.

Others had heavy grape juice but we have not.

One barber has said to other barber bre barber let together open a barber shop.

Hakkı has cheat Hakkı. Hakkı has demanded his right from Hakkı. When Hakkı has not given back Hakkı’s right Hakkı has beaten Hakkı.

I descended to river got cleaned and ascended.


Bring the workers before holiday Ramadan make them weak

If it rains the rails get soaked, it rains the palaces get soaked.

I am hungry-

Open a lid in your belly

Run for mill

The door of the mill is locked

Hey! the one whose head infested with lice

To the handle of the large axe

Cut twice

One for you

And one for me

Name of the girl is Hediye

She doesn’t give bread to the cat

Cat goes to the judge

The door of the judge is locked

The head of Hediye is infested with lice

Full hand of epenek

Fell down coarse cape from the hand

Half of the coarse cape

Wife of bold boy

Incık mıncık

You stop, you climb

Hasan Hasan

Who stepped on the sweet

Who has broken the door

Took away the girl

Dog has entered into mill

The mill owner hit the dog

The dog has come

And eaten both a beaten

And seven dogs

Goats of Ali Dayı

Whinnying since they are wary hungry

They want barley and straw

There are no barley and straw

But woven-matting maker has many

Woven-matting maker weaves woven matting

I wish the nightingale were mine

I wish I had two brothers

One is moon and the other star

One is boy the other girl

It has been drilled and put

So it has been done

Let them not be drilled

Let this not be done like this

It is one and two, one and two

It is five gold money, five, six

If you don’t believe count and see

Fifteen, fifteen



Where are you going?

I go to mountain

Why are you going?

Where is elderly woman?

Tiny mini one’s

They fill water at the river

The riverbank is bushy

How stupid this woman

The old woman can not dive into water

Can not find even if she looks for

Ene nene can’t find

I have crossed with you

Hard working two’s

Lazy three’s

Beaten four’s

Five’s work, like a machine

Six’s has stolen the gold

Seven’s has eaten my meal

Eight’s has gone by becoming hopscotch

Nine’s has gone by becoming doctor

Eleven, red underwear

I have cut the pear

Hung it to the ceiling

Fell down with a noise of “Tap”

If Ali looks that way dum dum

I have perched his beard

I have found some money

Gone to the market

Come back home my wife is gone

Baby cries there is no cradle

The soup over flows there is no spoon

Ali father is dead there is no coffin

Ooooo needle meddle

The end is button


In bird language

The cock has sang

The hen has kicked

Daughter of ninghtingale

Worshipped for your saying hi

Low wet clay

I have told you, you go out

Hakkı has demanded his right from Hakkı

When Hakkı has not given Hakkı’s right

Hakkı has beaten Hakkı

The dog has entered into the mill

Covered with bran

The dog has eaten the bran

The dog has eaten a beating

Sheep sheeh mee

Mount on me

Let’s go

To my hadji grandfather

My hadji grandfather is sick

Bundle in a wrapper with handkerchief

Itself is hodja

Did rabbit pass from the door?

Yes it did

Did you catch it?

Yes I did

Did you cut it?

Yes I did

Did you salted it?

Yes I did

Did you cook it?

Yes I did

Did you spare some for me?

Yes I did

Which cupboard did you put it in?

I have put it in the çık çık cupboard

Come on bring it

I can not

Why can’t you brig it?

Black cats have eaten it

Vay vay meow meow

Examples of Folk Songs


Folk Songs Having Musical Notation


Name of the Folk Song: Oh! Green Stream
Composed Place: Hamzabey village of İnegöl
Musical notation by: Hasan Yörenç
Music Teacher of İnegöl High School

I have made the wolf come down from mountain
My hoarse sweated
Of the person who left his, her sweetheart
Let not have any place or home

Oh! green stream sweetheart has gone army
Damned sergeant, give my sweetheart the discharge letter

My radio has battery
Has a ring also at its side
In the pocket of the boys
There is handkerchief of girls

Where is my ice cream?
I don’t let old sweetheart be mentioned
On the new sweetheart
I don’t let drop tears

Stones at the fountain
My sweetheart does laundry
Take off your headwear my sweetheart
Let be seen your beautiful eyebrow

I have passed in front of the coffeehouse
I have drank a cup of coffee
With the son of the coffeehouse owner
I have made fun one year

Your eyebrow is beautiful may sweetheart
I don’t have money to buy my sweetheart
To night your greeting has come
I reply your greeting my sweetheart

Let’s go my sweetheart
To the Çarşamba bazaar
Let put us together
In the lovers graveyard

Milk of the white goat
Coming is Festival of Sacrifices
Please send my sweetheart sergeant
Let me celebrate my festival here

Folk Songs Which are not Have Music Notation

Mehmet Folk Song

I was not aware that cruel was following me
My red blood is shedding, look at my face
No water be poured anymore at my rose
I am burned at seventeen years of age.

I engaged and went to army, my mother
I was waiting to get my discharging paper
A present was given by my sweetheart
I am a murderer, my big brother, I am burned, mothers

My name was Mehmet, surname Coşar
My cruel big brother runs to shoot me
My red blood flows like a flood
Let, mothers, my finance wear black

My big brother waits in Pozantı
Don’t mentioned me big brother
Nightingales sing at the designed garden
I died before reaching my goal

I got on the bus and got off at Digor
I started off to the Dikenli village road
Desolated I became the subject of common talk
Like a flower I faded, mothers

I was shut in Maraş
My unlucky mother has waited in the house
All neighbors called her unlucky
Look at my bed destiny, mothers

I arrived my troops and became happy
I wrote a letter and mailed it
My mother, why didn’t you laugh really?
Let mother feel grieved for their son

My unlucky mother has been waiting for me
When heard my finance worn black
Cruel brother finished my soul
Let unhappy soldier ruined, mothers

When I get your permission I sent a telegram
Started off on a journey I also became happy
Mourn for suffering soldier
I have become desperate at Toros Mountains

I have arrived at 1 o’clock nobody have seen it   
Nobody told my mother and father
Nobody was killed like me in a pain
I have been shut at that time, mothers

Examples of Lullabies


Huu huu
Have gone to the path of God

A spring on the path of God
Non stop flowing

Drinking from this the dervishes
Have attained their desires

Let sleep and be grown
To my little tiny child lullaby

Huu huu

Have taken a bride
Wrapped into their fur
While trying to kiss and smell
Have to satisfied with capsized axle

Lullaby to my baby lullaby
To my tiny baby lullaby

Hu hu hu bird
Owl of the river and hill

Has a nest at vast
Bring his father food

Let my baby eat and be grown
Both be grown and walk

Lullaby to my tiny baby lullaby
To my tiny mini baby lullaby

Hu hu hu bird
I couldn’t climb the slope

The slope is a nightingale nest
His mother cooks baby food

Let my baby eat and grow
Both be grown and walked

Lullaby to my little baby
To my tiny mini baby lullaby

Examples of Wailing


Hadji Bey Wailing:

I have descended from Ayvalık an foot
Endure oh my feet endure
A bride has come from Ödemiş
Wake up Hadji bey wake up

In front of their house is poplar
Leaves fall from poplar
Wake up Hadjı Bey wake up
My hand is henna my head veiled

I go little, I go well
Stream, hill I go level
Wake up Hadjı Bey wake up
I have come as bride and I go back girl

There is light in his room
Silver spoon at his dinner
I couldn’t pass by jumping
I ashamed and couldn’t ran away

Hizarına hizarına
Birds has perched his grave
White horse of the Hadjı Bey
Take to the sultan bazaar

My mother cries for her head
Bride cries for food
Small girls cry much
Because of the session of my brother nice

Ruined Erzincan

We have told you that you are soul
So much fresh blood under the wreckage
Pains wounds, pour blood in vein
Became ruin that beautiful Erzincan

Tears in my eyes like a flood
Wife and children all at the street
Bitter screams, weather is too cold
Don’t tremble stay straight big Erzincan

Ones I was looking around happy, pride
Where are you Selimoğlu, Vakıflar, Urartu
This is the home of flowers, fruits, and beauties

Roses in your garden faded beautiful Erzincan
Euphrates sad, nightingales quiet
Your wheel has been broken on 13th March 92
You don’t differ from tottering drunk

Don’t be crazy, pull yourself together, my rose Erzincan
Hoarse sound of some coming here,
Trembling at the emptiness beautiful hands
Crashed heads, broken waists

You can’t be murderer, loyal Erzincan
We have told you that you can’t take soul
You can’t stay cross to us like this
We hope you never shaken again

Your spring became fall ruined Erzincan
Did you pretend fire can not be lighted on the snow
That is what I understood nowadays
I prayed to my God, I begged much

For heaven’s sake, protect us Erzincan
This country is wide, we didn’t pretend it was narrow
We couldn’t fit in big offices
If enemy do it we have never cared

You have doomed us to a tent, Erzincan
We have been separated from the friends
Our heart sad, the hearts are broken
Stop this migration masters, rulers

Don’t send us away from your soil Erzincan
We have given you, forty thousand you are still hungry
In eighty three never has been persuaded by ransom
This spring has never shown mercy us

Has taken hundreds of souls as ransom Erzincan
These soils are sick, moaning inside
The ears are very careful, listen to your pulse
Nobody knows what will happen in time

Left unlucky, distrustful Erzincan
Sorrowful Kemal say, he say I cry
I pity to beautiful souls, and become fire and burn
Sure one day open flower, my autumn orchards

Your sprig did not become happy Erzincan
Let your black holiday be celebrated Erzincan

Examples of Tales



Ones upon o time when the fleas were barbers, the camels were town criers, when I was racking my mother’s cradle there was a wife and husband.

The wife and husband had a daughter, the daughter has been brought up very carefully but she didn’t learn any housework. Because of that she is called as Lazy Girl.

This girl was so lazy that she doesn’t bother to get up from where she sit. Her father and mother bought a rake for her. So the girl used to do every thing where she sit.

Time has come for her to be married. Her parent got her married with a hunter.

The hunter has gone to hunting. He has shut a duck, cleaned and put the duck on the fire. Prepared to go hunting again, has told his wife that he put the duck on the fire take care. The lazy girl has said yes but didn’t bother to stand up from her place.

Rather a long time has passed. A beggar has come to house. He has wanted for God’s sake a piece of bread. The lazy girl answered that there the kitchen at the side of the house, go and have some.

The beggar has gone to the kitchen. See there is a duck simmering, taken the duck and put his beg, and in to the saucepan his dirty shoes. Has come near to the lazy girl. Said look my lady, I have gotten the bread, god bless you. Now let me sing a song for you and go. Sang the song like this;

Your beak is in my beg
My shoe is in your soup
You lay in the bed
I am going to eat my beak in the forest.

So the beggar has sang the song like this and gone away. After some time, the hunter husband of the girl has come back. He has asked his wife if the duck is cooked. His wife has explained what happened, and said the song what the beggar has sang. The hunter has understood the situation and rebuked her.

From that on, the Lazy Girl has given up the laziness.

Precious Salt

Ones upon o time when the fleas were barbers, the camels were town criers, when I was racking my mother’s cradle,

They have told this fairy tale like this.

Ones upon a time, there was a Sultan and his three daughters. One day, the Sultan has gathered his daughters and asked how much they loved him. The most elderly daughter answered as like worlds, middle daughter so much as this hugging, the youngest answers that she likes him as much as salt.

The sultan has got angry with this answer, say himself does a human being can be loved as much as salt, following has given his daughter to the executioner.

The executioner has taken the girl to the mountain to cut her. The girl has begged from executioner, as you are also a father, please don’t kill me. The executioner has not resist her begging, instead has cut an animal, put her shirt some of the blood of the animal and brought it to the Sultan.

The young girl has start walking. After a long journey, arrived a village. There she become a slave to one of the rich man, grown up, became a beautiful girl. Her beauty known in every place, and got married with the son of another Sultan.

After long time passed she has told her story to her husband, and said let us invite my father to dinner. Her husband has accepted. The necessary preparations have been made, and her father has invited to the feast.

Her sultan father has come to the feast. When sultan and his friends has sit to the dinner, the dinner has been served. But girl has told her cook before that all meals must be without salt. The sultan has not eaten any.

Same time young girl has told her father that my sultan as I been told you have made your daughter killed because she told you that she love you as much as salt. Without letting sultan to say anything has continued to say that she is that girl and I made cook prepare all meals without salt that you can understand the value of salt.

The sultan has got ashamed what he did and understood the value of the salt.

They have lived happily from that on.

Examples of Nasreddin Hodja



During the Hodja was performing his judge duty, a man has come:

He has said Hodja Master, ı will consult you something.

Lets ask.

Said Hodja, the man continued his speech:

Lately, a cow, which the neighbors has told that it was belong to you, has killed our cow by hitting its belly. What I am supposed to do now?

After concerning for a while the Hodja:

It is an animal, he has said, you are not going to sue it, do you?

Thank you judge.

Its owner has no fault in this business, how can he know it will be turned out that way?

The man has become happy, before starting talking again:

Excuse me judge, I made a mistake a shot time ago, the cow, which died, is not mine, it was yours.

Hodju by straightened up:

Now look he has said. Now the matter is different now. Give me then the black covered book from the shelf and let me look at it.


The superintendent, whose donkey is lost, was very angry:

And has started yelling as quick find my animal, otherwise don’t blame me if things went very wrong for you!

Every body has become frighten. The Akşehir citizens, scattered every direction to find the donkey, has met by chance to the Hodja:

Please Hodja help us. If you happen to find a free donkey on the road for God’s sake catch it immediately.

Whose donkey it is?


Answered by them. The Hodja then: “ All right. I’ll look for it” answered and by singing a folk song, continued to walk.

A villager appeared suddenly in front of him:

When asked:

My Hodja what are you doing like this singing?

I am looking for the lost donkey of superintendent!

Answered Hodja. The man has asked again:

All right, is it a way for looking for a donkey Hodja?

Of course, foreigner looks for the donkey of a foreigner like this. Even if the donkey has been looked for by force. In addition if the donkey is the superintendent’s donkey.


One day when the Hodja was returning home from the mosque, mounted the donkey, with the people following him, stops suddenly, gets down from the donkey and as facing the people gets on the animal in reverse direction, i.e. mount on the saddle wrong. Seeing this, the people ask the reason. Hodja answers like that:

After considering, I have decided to mount the donkey like this, because I don’t like lack of respect. If you go in front of me, you will be turned your back to me; it will be lack of respect. If I go in the front, I will be the one who turned his back to you, that it is not correct. When I mount like this in reverse direction, both I go in front and you will follow me, and we will be face to face.


At a gathering of friends, they give a saz (musical instrument) into the hand of Hodja just for the sake of doing something:

Come on, play something nice for us to listen!

They has said. When Hodja has taken the saz into his hand, he has started moving the plectrum on the strings of the instrument haphazardly and so strange noises has started coming out of the instrument.

They have said, oh Hodja is an instrument is played like this? It is required to move on the accord accordingly.

The Hodja continuing playing making noises:

They can’t find the pitch of note, they move for finding the notes, accord. Now I have found it. Why should I move for nothing?

Examples of Stories



Ones upon a time, a lion, wolf and a fox have become friend. Since they were hungry, they have gone for hunting. After hunting they catch one ox, one sheep and one rabbit. After gathering their game together, lion by turning thorough wolf:

Make this distribution so we can have our shares said lion.

Wolf has answered:

The ox is already yours. The sheep is mine, and the rabbit is belonging to fox.

The lion has become angry about it. By hitting it with its pawl, has rolled it to the abyss. This time turning to the fox has said:

You make this distribution and let us see.

Wise fox has answered immediately:

Ox is your dinner, sheep is lunch, the rabbit breakfast.

The lion has laugh happily and said fox that where he is learnt this idea?

The fox has answered:

From my friend who has been rolled to the abyss.

Examples of Riddles


Looks like red, looks like purple
Crouched sells broad-bean
I asked for how much a 2.8 lb.
Brightly look at my face

I have seen an strange thing
Every body knows its name
Rub its head, kills itself

I have a very long orchard (YEAR)

Gives thirty oke of gripes (RAMADAN)

If you eat its white it is forbidden by religion (FEAST)

If you eat its black it is legitimate by religion (RAMADAN NIGTH)

I have full sack of walnut, I can’t never finish counting (STAR)

A tongue in the mouth, know if you wise (SHEPHERT’S PIPE)

I was a mountain, I was a orchard
I was a master with ornament at his head
I have come to home got married
And I have been tied


Comes from mountain like a flavor
Has arms like knot in timber
Crouches and drink some water
Yells like a goat

Foreigner cultivates, language harvests

Passes mountains without shadow (VOICE)

Created by God very nice
On a green branch
Side is thin leaf
Middle is gold leaf

Get used to from its nail
Being choked from its nose

Two brother grown up together
Their headgear and suits have been burnt
Those beaten were they
They have jump to the sea
In fact their origin were water

I a dark place
Judges moan

It is red but not an apple
In layers but not a paste

I have put a harness on a small donkey
It has gone to the hill

Half cake on the load

I have a well and I have two kind of habits (EGG)

Its cloth is red, its rob is green (CHERRY)

An open window on the sky, an tin layered soucepan(MOON)

Under pool, over rose (KEROSINE LAMP)

Deep well, noisy water
Buyer buys, one who drinks is die

Fells over the bushes without any noise (SUN)

Having two poles, thousand tiles (HEN)

A tiny axle stone, moves every places (EYE)

It is a puzzle, slipping on the hand (SOAP)

I have a son, he has shirt in layers (ONION)

I said het, I said met
I said
Go there and lay

I have watched close it was like a stone
When I neared it was a rice pudding

Pomegranate pomegranate became pomegranate
Pomegranate became brighten at the door
Man has come to pomegranate
Substitute pomegranate didn’t come down from door

We were us altogether
We were thirty-two girls
An epidemic has come and we broken
Order has arrived we have lined up

It is yellow like saffron, be read like holy Koran
Either you will know it or die tonight

Examples of Proverbs


  • The hungry is obvious from cheek, thirsty from lips.
  • The cursed can not be rich, cruelty will be paid back.
  • Don’t embrace white dog as a sheep.
  • Wise is a capital for a young man.
  • Buy a good merchandize and don’t be anxious.
  • Buying is easy, but the payment is difficult.
  • Golden sword can open the iron door.
  • Short hen shows itself as chick.
  • Lip can not be black by kissing Arab hand.
  • The horse dies the area left behind, the hero dies the fame left behind.
  • There is no smog if there is no fire.
  • The person fell down from horse is not die, the one does who fells from donkey.
  • The one who earns less gains much, but the one who gains much gains none.
  • Don’t left hungry since became thief, don’t tell much became shameless, don’t touch too much become impudent.
  • The goods of the crying person can not be beneficial to the laughing.
  • Let your brain simmer in August and your saucepan in winter.
  • Heavy head is good, if it were light it could be gone with the wind.
  • The one who does not do any good to his father, does not anybody either.
  • Spring is nice with its flower.
  • The one who eats honey fed up with honey.
  • The children cats habits from each other, they change their habits.
  • Feed the crow to let him do utmost harm to you.
  • If you have thousand horses ret thousand times, but if you have only one, get down and get rest.
  • One whole is better than one half.
  • This world is a two-door inn, both coming and going don’t know that.
  • When stupid has much butter, he rubs it on his beard.
  • Child is fruit of the home.
  • The one who gives order child a work to be done has to go after it.
  • There is no peace at poverty.
  • There is no mountain without cloud, and there is no men without fault.
  • The sea has been yogurt ones but no spoon has been found to eat it.
  • Suffering stay with one, who keeps it.
  • There is a suffering bigger than the state.
  • Female bird makes the nest, by plastering inside and outside.
  • Make friends; the enemy is everywhere.
  • If your enemy is ant, be elephant yourself.
  • Sword can not cut thing cut by bread.
  • If you have chance, live in prosperity.
  • The bride has got on the camel, see how her destiny.
  • Person, who wanders about less when he is in easy days, wanders much when he is in hard days.
  • If the place you are going is blind, close your eyes and look at that way.
  • Heart bears when the eye can not see.
  • If the patient stays alive he opposes the doctor.
  • Every body can make spoon but can not fit its handle.
  • Everything is broken because of thinness but the human being broken because of rudeness.
  • March means the summer is near but lasts seven days its blizzard.
  • Pomegranate can not ripen on the poplar, there is no shame on the cruel.
  • Some harvest grapes, some ruins vegetable garden.
  • Don’t smell rose for a kindness received, its thorns ache your.
  • Candle can not illuminate its bottom.
  • If you work the good improve, the person widens like this.
  • Anxiety satisfies pain makes hungry.
  • Don’t talk if you are not given permission to talk.
  • The rose, which blossoms unseasonable, fades away easily.
  • The are assistants of the assistant.
  • Hen does not drink water when raining.
  • There is no use for the millet cultivated unseasonable, and the wife wakes up after her husband.

Examples of Legends



A dragon has appeared at the Mount Albat where its foot there is a Ortanca Fountain. By not letting any body to near this fountain, has remained everybody thirsty.

Upon seeing the human being so desperate, the master of the city has take in his hand a double side very sharp sword has gone to kill this dragon. The master has held the sword with his two hands. The dragon, has been separated two parts from its mouth to tail.

When the master has come back his palace, he has made the pool be filled with milk and jump into it. The milk in the pool has become cheese immediately because of the venom of the dragon. The master has continued its bath with milk until the milk not become cheese and got ridden of the venom of the dragon.


Silvan Tevfik Dabakoğlu
From his tailor father


South west of the Diyarbakır, near Tigris River, there lay Kırklardağı. Behing this Kırklardağı there is Kırklar Ziyareti. Women who can not have baby come here and make wishes.

A rich Syriac Christian family was happened to be not having baby. The woman has gone to the Kırklar Ziyareti and made a wish. She has have a baby. They have named the girls as Suzi (Suzan). Ever birth day her mother has decorate her and brought her to the Kırklar and sacrificed an animal.

Suzan has grown with such reluctance and become a beautiful girl. With Adil, one of the Muslim neighbor’s son, has fell in love. Again a birthday celebration, her mother has sent Suzi with servants to to Kırklar Ziyaret for sacrificing an animal. Following them Adil has come quietly. Taken benefit of the servants trying sacrificing Suzi together with Adil has encircled back of the mountain and made love there. Kırlar Ziyareti didn’t approve this togetherness and Ziyaret has cursed Suzi. The girl at the Bridge With Ten Cells has drown and died. After the death of Suzi, Adil has lost his mind.


Face of the Kırklardağı
Grew dark at the plain
I wish I would die
Ziyaret has cursed us

Under the bridge is very dark
Mother, come and look for me
My hair mixed with sand
Bring comb and comb

Middle cell of the bridge
The flood has taken away the plain
I wish I would die
The Tigris River has separated us


Diyarbakır Esma Ocak
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